How to Make a Yearbook: Part 2

This is part two in our blog posts detailing the 10 most essential steps in making a yearbook. For part 1, check out our blog post here! 6. Establish a yearbook style guide. If the above steps give any indication, yearbooks consist of a tremendous amount of content from a wide range of sources. Without an overarching vision, your yearbook could turn out to be a jumbled mess. We highly recommend creating a style guide early on in the process to help you and your team stay true to a singular vision throughout the lifetime of the project. Check out our recent blog post on creating a style guide for… Read More

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How to Make a Yearbook: Part 1

How to Make a Yearbook Making a yearbook that perfectly encapsulates a whole school year of memories can seem incredibly daunting, at first. As with any endeavor, though, the task becomes much more approachable when you break it down into actionable steps. If you remain organized and ensure that you get the support and funding you need, you will find that creating a yearbook can be an immensely gratifying project for you and your yearbook staff. The yearbook pros at Entourage Yearbooks have put together the first 5 most essential steps for making a yearbook below. Stay tuned for the latter 5 steps next week! 1. Create and organize a… Read More

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Essential Interviewing Tips featured image

5 Essential Interviewing Tips for Yearbooks

Content is the lifeblood of any yearbook – features on clubs, spreads that highlight memorable games, and pages devoted to the prom and other big school events are all essential includes. Interspersing interviews with students, teachers, and faculty throughout your yearbook lends this content a vibrant and personal touch. For the inexperienced, conducting an interview can be somewhat intimidating. Although they seem simple on the surface, it can be difficult to keep the conversation focused while remaining relaxed and natural. Does your yearbook staff need a hand with their interviews? Try giving them Entourage Yearbook’s top five interviewing tips for yearbooks! 1. Don’t ask “yes” or “no” questions. Interviews are… Read More

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