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Welcome to Entourage Yearbooks, the fastest growing yearbook company in North America! Thousands of schools across the country select Entourage Yearbooks because of our new approach to yearbooks, our great prices, and because we are the fastest yearbook production company in the industry.

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Fill in the form below and receive a comprehensive yearbook proposal with great low pricing, information on how to organize your yearbook project, and information about Entourage Yearbooks. You will also recieve our FREE yearbook sample package which includes samples of our yearbooks, yearbook starter worksheets, and access to our complete demonstration of our online tools and resources.

Design your yearbook ONLINE with our advanced EDOnline Yearbook Software. Or use any of the major desktop publishing options to create your yearbook.

  • Easy To Learn – Drag and drop interface. Get started in minutes
  • Collaborate Online – Your whole staff can work together. Integrates with Facebook and Picasa
  • Access Hundreds of Templates – Don’t start from scratch. Take advantage of our library of resources

Hundreds of Sports Team Templates & Designs

Create your yearbook in a matter of hours. Upload the best Sports photos and use our library of Sports team templates to build pages quickly. Include player stats, team roster information, and any other team information.

FREE Marketing & Fundraising Materials

Entourage provides FREE marketing material and fundraising materials to help you build excitement for the team yearbook
  • Free Handouts
  • Easy To Use Order Forms
  • Fundrasing Guide

Experienced Design & Technical Support

If this is your first time, don’t worry. We have a staff of experienced designers and technical support staff to answer any question you may have. You will have a direct phone number and direct support email to get help fast.
“Entourage Yearbooks was very flexible and they helped us manage to our deadlines, instead of managing to theirs. The price was right and they helped us at every stage of the process.”
– Henry Highland Garnett – PS #175
“We chose Entourage because their commitment to customer service is at the heart of their mission statement. The use of technology, the flexibility in submission, and the ability to review and revise our work allowed our yearbook to be an immeasurable success.”
– Allied High School For Health Services
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