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Recent new announcements and press releases from Entourage Yearbooks.
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Entourage's Fourth Annual High School Advisor's Conference Is Expanding This Year (4/9/2018)

Entourage's 7th Annual National Yearbook Competition Included Over 800 Participants (3/6/2018)

Entourage Yearbooks' Link Website and App Connects School and Community (2/14/2018)

Desert View High School Creates an Interactive Yearbook in a Digital Age (1/24/2018)

Tidings of Joy: Communities rally together to make a difference this holiday season (12/12/2017)

John Witherspoon Middle School receives Governor's Cup in the Students Change Hunger Campaign (11/15/2017)

For Schools in the US Virgin Islands - Hope After Irma and Maria (10/20/2017)

Maine School of Science and Mathematics Advisor receives Entourage Yearbooks’ Nicole Mayhew Grant (9/19/2017)

Entourage’s Third Annual High School Advisor’s Conference focuses on Incorporation and Inclusion (8/29/2017)

Entourage Yearbooks To Host Third Annual High School Advisors' Conference (4/24/2017)

The Advisors' Academy: Professional Development for the Next Generation of Yearbook Advisors (3/22/2017)

Veteran's High School Creates An Immersive Yearbook Experience After Incorporating Videos (2/28/2017)

Philips Academy Empowers Students With More Accessible Yearbook (2/9/2017)

Five Points Elementary Creates a Yearbook Which Doubles as a Coloring Book (1/5/2017)

Roosevelt High School Increased Educational Potential With Savings From Entourage Yearbooks Roosevelt High School has increased the size of their educational programs after saving money on yearbook (12/7/2016)

Entourage Yearbooks' New Workshop Proves the Power of Technology in Yearbook Education

Yearbook advisors from around the country gathered last week to discuss the future of the yearbook industry at the two-day S.Y.T.E. (School Yearbook Technology & Education) workshop hosted by Entourage Yearbooks. This is the first workshop held in the S.Y.T.E. series, and the second professional development event that has been offered by Entourage this year. The workshop was organized to highlight the fact that the technology involved in the process of organizing yearbooks has evolved substantially over the past few years and the creative process has been amped with the inclusion of the new options, such as EDOnline’s QR code generator, a site that links parents to the book, and more advanced software that includes an online curriculum.

Entourage planned the workshop with the intention of providing a forum where yearbook advisors would be able to share experiences and strategies which will “inform how they go forward integrating the yearbook into their community”, according to Sara Aniano, one of the S.Y.T.E. organizers. Discussions focused on the ways that advisors can use technology to push the limits of creative possibilities and increase yearbook sales. The discussions focused on several trends in the yearbook industry, such as using social media as an important resource for the organization/announcement of yearbook promotions, with the added benefit of increasing student involvement. Educators today seem to agree that with the influence of social media, students are more and more focused on making sure that they themselves are perceived by the outside world in a positive way, and that this technological transition will affect what makes yearbooks attractive to students.

Overall, the S.Y.T.E. workshop series has been a great success, and Entourage continues to be inspired by the collaboration that occurs between yearbook advisors. The next workshop in the S.Y.T.E. series will be held in February of 2016. For more information on the S.Y.T.E. workshop series, or how to attend future workshops, contact Sara Aniano at sara.aniano(at)entourageyearbooks(dot)com or 888-926-6571, ext. 38.

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