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Online Yearbook Design Software Advances To New Heights

(PRWEB) May 08, 2012

Online yearbook software, EDOnline has hit a milestone with its 50,000th page created this week. EDOnline was just launched for the 2011-2012 school year by Entourage Yearbooks. "The popularity of the online design software has really exceeded our expectations in its debut season," said Entourage Yearbooks President, Elias Jo. "We actually had 500% more schools want to use the program after viewing the demo than we had anticipated for this year. The feedback from the customers has been very encouraging."

The EDOnline software is based on professional design software such as Adobe InDesign, but is formatted especially for yearbooks. Entourage Yearbooks created EDOnline with the yearbook staff and yearbook advisor in mind. The software was designed to offer tools that a yearbook designer would need, not just a graphic designer. "The tools are easy to use. Compared to using software like InDesign, it is very easy to get novice students up to speed and producing fairly sophisticated pages," said Yearbook Advisor, Diane Helfrich.

As customers started to use and explore the software's features, more and more users became interested in working on the yearbook. "The collaborative features in the software make it ideal for large groups, or groups that are working from several locations," said Jo. "The entire Entourage online toolset drives collaboration into the yearbook project creating well rounded yearbooks, and encouraging more participation in the book itself. The big picture results of this is the influx of users that we experienced this season, not to mention huge growth in yearbook traditions across the country."

Some of the features of EDOnline that are inspiring yearbooks include:

Online Page Design Tools - The online page design structure allows for large groups to all work on the yearbook at the same time. Yearbook pages can be designed using hundreds of pre-designed yearbook templates, from scratch, or a mixture of both. Custom templates can be created and saved for future use. Covers can be created online as well, picking from the online cover gallery or creating a custom cover.

Staff Management Tools- The Entourage Yearbooks website allows the creation and assignment of tasks and deadlines to all the members of the yearbook staff. Yearbook Advisors and Editors basically have a yearbook command center at their fingertips to layout the yearbook ladder online, assign tasks to the staff, give feedback through messages and more.

Online Yearbook and Ad Sales - Entourage offers a collaborative system to help develop the best marketing plan for individual schools including online book sales and online ad sales. Yearbook budget planning tools lead customers through preparing pricing for their ads and yearbook sales.

Online Proof Books - EDOnline features instant online proofing. Users can view a flip book style proof of their yearbook as they build it. This feature makes it easy to share progress with school administrators and to edit the book.

Year to Year Roll Over - EDOnline allows users to save their page templates, finalized pages, and pictures for next year. Making changes to existing templates is a great way for schools to get a head start on next year's yearbook.

If you would like to learn more about Entourage Yearbooks and the EDOnline software program please visit

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